Vincent Teng Student · Powerlifter · Software Engineer


Hi, I'm Vincent, a software engineering student at the University of Toronto. I'm a highly motivated developer, constantly seeking new, challenging, and exciting opportunities to improve my abilities.

From Kubernetes pod autoscaling for the 2019 premiere of Game of Thrones to a HoloLens research app that visualizes cancer cells, I've had the chance to build some exciting and high-impact solutions for a wide array of scenarios and clients.

If you'd like to join me for the next challenge or are just interested in the site, please feel free to look around or find me on social media.

Thanks for visiting my site!



Microsoft | Software Engineer Intern

Jun - Aug 2018

Architected and developed a concurrent scheduler for the Azure .NET application profiler. Abstracted an orchestrator for starting/stopping profile sessions and extended it to Windows and Linux profilers. Created a scheduling policy which could instantly profile a user's application through the Azure Portal.


HBO | Software Engineer Intern

Jun - Aug 2018

Implemented Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaling on custom metrics for 2019 Game of Thrones Premier. Architected a web adapter to receive HPA controller requests and extract Statsd metrics from GraphiteDB Developed HTTP endpoints to emit Prometheus scrapable histogram metrics for 5 HBO micro-services.


Microsoft | Garage Software Engineer Intern

Jan - Apr 2018

Developed and architected a HoloLens application via Unity and Azure for visualizing 3D cancer tumour data. Implemented a WebGL app to inject keyboard inputs into the HoloLens app while syncing the apps’ states. Designed a game object that enabled users to filter between 50,000 cell models via keyboard control.


IBM | Cognos Analyst Intern

Jan - Aug 2017

Solved 150+ client submitted tickets via issue reproduction, software log tracing, and trouble-shooting on phone. Identified, documented, and tested 30+ defects within IBM Cognos; fixed in future iterations of software. Fully repaired 2-3 malfunctioning server environments daily, achieved multiple perfect client evaluations.


Lamify | Software Engineer

Jun - Dec 2016

Implemented landing pages and web applications via Bootstrap and Node.js for company clients. Developed frontend component in anti-procrastination Chrome extension, which helped boost user base by 25%. Performed regression tests and ensured cross-platform functionality for web applications.


Canada Post | Software Developer Intern

Jun - Aug 2016

Architected an Excel VBA macro that generates fuel usage anomaly reports for 13,000+ Canada Post vehicles. Developed an automatic email routine with Outlook VBA that sends location specific reports to site managers. Reduced process runtime by 95% and parsed 12,000+ fuel usage entries in under 12 minutes.


ReEnvision | Web Developer Intern

Apr - Jun 2016

Designed and implemented tailored marketing websites for agency clients via WordPress and HTML/CSS. Created a custom marriage license request form for an Ottawa Member of Parliament’s public site. Implemented SEO via Google Analytics and resolved 200+ visual issues for various client sites.


University of Toronto | Student

Sept 2015 - Present

Major: Computer Science - Software Engineering Specialist w/ co-op

Member of: Computer Science Enrichment Club (CSEC) and Association for Mathematics and Computer Science Students (AMACSS)